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    Artist: Iron Maiden
    Release: Spaceward Studio Demo, 1978
    Genre: NWOBHM
    Country: UK (London, England)
    Bitrate: 320kbps
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    Rip and share by mevistox5, thanks a ton!

    Uploader Notes: Here's a link to a 1978 IRON MAIDEN demo tape. The Soundhouse tape
    can easily be found on the net. The four track demo - featuring "Strange World" not!.
    Recorded 30-31 December 1978 engineered by Mike Kemp and mixed by Gary Lucas.

    Paul Di'Anno - Vocals
    Dave Murray - Guitar
    Steve Harris - Bass
    Doug Sampson - Drums

    Following written by Mike Kemp:
    "There have been some cruel comments by IRON MAIDEN that "they went back to get the multi-tracks
    some weeks after the sessions (because they couldn't afford them at the time) but the nasty studio had
    wiped them". My side of the story has never been heard - i.e. that we were as poor as they were and
    couldn't afford to keep £60 multitrack tapes for every band either! (A session cost about that I recall)
    We did our best - I think for £5 a week we would hold them until either they were paid for or the band
    decided not to keep them any longer, e.g. after a remix. Presumably they did not take that option."

    Info about the demo recording & Soundhouse Tapes:
    The Soundhouse Tapes is the debut EP by IRON MAIDEN, and features the very first recordings by the
    band. Released on 9 November 1979, it features three songs taken from the demo tape 'Spaceward'.
    The songs were recorded by the band on New Year's Eve 1978/79. The three tracks - "Prowler",
    "Invasion" and "Iron Maiden" - appear in rougher form than they would later be heard on the first IRON
    MAIDEN album and subsequent singles. The tracks are played a bit slower and therefore more groovy as
    they appeared later on their debut. "Invasion" was not used until 1980, when it was released as a b-side
    to the "Women In Uniform" single. The fourth song from the demo - "Strange World" - would also be
    rerecorded for 'Iron Maiden'. The song was not included in 'The Soundhouse Tapes' because the band
    was not happy with the recording quality.
    1. Prowler
    2. Invasion
    3. Strange World
    4. Iron Maiden
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    This is absolutely incredible!!
    I actually have one track from this demo on a bootleg, so I had a feeling something monumental could be lurking and waiting to bless us all, as soon as I saw the lineup above and saw Doug Sampson on drums, I KNEW that the track I have on this bootleg is from this session!

    Thankyou all very much, this is really quite something special!

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