Demos [NWOBHM] » Zenith (UK-Newtownabbey) - Loud N' Heavy [Demo] (1982)
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    Artist: Zenith
    Release: Demo, 1982
    Genre: NWOBHM
    Country: UK (Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland)
    Bitrate: 192kbps
    Hidden Link
    Many thanks to urrah for the upload and share!

    A better rip in terms of quality than the one that floating around the net!. Enjoy!

    Thanks to Andy Ferguson for line-up and location!.

    Andy Ferguson - Vocals
    Rob Devenney - Guitar
    Tim Gibson - Bass
    Gerry Lisk - Drums

    Not to be confused with
    ZENITH who released the 'Heavy Heart' EP and 10tr Demo.
    ZENITH with the 'Bad Loosers' demo
    ZENITH related with Atlantis Rising and Tomahawk (4tr Demo)
    1. Easier Said Than Done
    2. Coming Back For More
    3. Playing Games
    4. Vision of Vengeance
    5. Stab in the Back
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    This band is not from Scotland, but from Belfast. My mate joined the band as drummer shortly after this tape was made and gave me a copy of the tape. I still have the original and will upload a jpg of the cover if anyone wants it (assuming I can find it of course!)
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    I have them being originally from Glenrothes, Scotland, and moving to Northern Ireland later.
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    New link: Hidden Link

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    Hi guys - just to confirm - I was the singer on this (Andy Ferguson). Rob Devenney played lead, Tim Gibson played bass and Gerry Lisk played drums. We're from Newtownabbey in Northern Ireland, not Belfast. These songs were recorded in Rob's garage at Fernlea Park in Newtownabbey on a Teac 144 4-track cassette recorder (the height of affordable technology back then). We did loads of copies of it and sold around three to five hundred, if memory serves me correctly. We played pretty frequently around Northern Ireland for about two years before Rob left to go to UNI in Loughborough. Big Gibbo currently doesn't have any internet presence, he could be dead and gone for all I know. Gerry still drums and recently played with a band in NI called Stormtree. I went on to work for other bands as a sound guy - I prefer the technical side of music to performing, but I still write and record with friends occassionally and our latest project is a fundraising song in memory of the mother of NI comedian Colin Geddis, who succumbed to cancer in 2019. All proceeds will go to the Cancer Ward at Belfast City Hospital.
    P.S. Among our peers at the time were Sinner, also from Newtownabbey; Chalice, who had members from Glengormley, Monkstown, Whitehead and Ballyclareand Persian Blue, who were from North Belfast. We were arguably the best songwriters of all that bunch (hence the tape).

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