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    Artist: Phil Lynott
    Release: The Man and His Music Collection
    Genre: Hard Rock
    Country: Ireland
    Bitrate: vbr
    ►Dead Link
    in honor of his BD and a request- here's the 8 Cd bootleg compilation
    Vol. I The Early Years
    Dublin -- PHILIP LYNOTT (1980 BBC session, spoken)
    New Faces, Old Places -- SKID ROW (B-side, debut single, 1969)
    The Farmer (Lynott) -- THIN LIZZY's debut single
    I Need You (John D'ardis) -- THIN LIZZY (B-side of The Farmer)
    Spotlight Magazine: Greetings
    Broken Dreams -- THIN LIZZY (B-side of Randolph's Tango)
    A Ride In The Lizzymobile -- THIN LIZZY (B-side of The Rocker in Germany)
    Here I Go Again -- THIN LIZZY (B-side of The Rocker elsewhere)
    The Rocker -- THIN LIZZY
    Things Ain't Working Out Down At The Farm -- THIN LIZZY
    Slow Blues -- THIN LIZZY
    Gonna Creep Up On You -- THIN LIZZY
    Suicide -- THIN LIZZY (BBC...original lyrics)
    Little Darling -- THIN LIZZY (Capital radio station version from acetate)
    A Song For Jimmy -- THIN LIZZY (1980 "reunion" in memory of Jimi Hendrix)

    Vol. II The Sun Goes Down
    Halfcaste (B-side of Rosalie, 1974)
    (BBC In Concert session, 1975)
    She Knows
    It's Only Money
    Still In Love With You
    Showdown *
    Rock N Roll With You
    Baby Baby Baby *
    Baby Drives Me Crazy (cover says: Sha La La)
    Me And The Boys (B-side of Rosalie/Cow Girl's Song, 1978)
    With Love (from the Jailbreak album)
    Just The Two Of Us (second single from Black Rose** album)
    Dublin -- (early) Thin Lizzy (beefed up by Philip Lynott/Midge Ure, 1979/80)
    Don't Play Around -- Thin Lizzy (from 7 inch Killer On The Loose)
    Trouble Boys -- Thin Lizzy (1981 single back by Memory Pain)
    Memory Pain -- Thin Lizzy (1981 single back by Trouble Boys)
    Angel Of Death -- Thin Lizzy (1981Hammersmith, bonus track on Cold Sweat, 1983)
    The Sun Goes Down -- Thin Lizzy (extended version bonus track on single)

    Vol III Solo And Sessions
    Nineteen (dub mix) - Philip Lynott (B-side of 12 inch 19)
    Tennessee Stud - Phil Lynott with TERRY WOODS (of Pogues fame)
    Whisky In The Jar (Thin Lizzy: live in Cork 4/13/80 w/Scott/Snowy/Midge)
    Somebody Else's Dream - Philip Lynott (B-side of Together)
    A Tribute To Sandy - Philip Lynott
    Beat Of The Drum - Philip Lynott (B-side of Old Town)
    Stop Messing Around - Gary Moore (live: May 1985) w/ guest Philip Lynott
    Out In The Fields - Gary Moore (live: Apollo? 1985) w/ guest Philip Lynott
    A Night In The Life Of A Blues Singer - THIN LIZZY (B-side of 12 inch 19)
    A Merry Jingle - the Greedy Bastards! (aka The Greedies)
    Daddy Rolling Stone - Johnny Thunders w/Philip Lynott
    We Are The Boys (Extra Medley version)
    Spanish Guitar - Gary Moore (1979 single) w/Philip Lynott on vocals
    Can't Get Away - Philip Lynott with The NEWS
    Still Alive - Philip Lynott with The NEWS
    One Wish - Philip Lynott with The NEWS

    Vol IV Don't Let Him Slip Away
    Don't Let It Slip Away (1982, unreleased version 1) cover says "Don't Let Him Slip Away"
    Look What the Wind Blew In
    Return of the Farmer's Son (2 & 3 from 1971 BBC session)
    Going Down (live, unreleased)
    Dublin (live)
    Things Ain't Working Out Down on the Farm (4-6 from June 1973 RTE session)
    It's Only Money (alternate version)
    Little Darling (alternate version)
    Still in Love with You (different lyrics)
    Thunder and Lightning
    Rosalie (10-12 from 1983 Nuremburg, the last gig)
    Hate (1982 unreleased)
    Don't Let Him Slip Away (1982, unreleased version 2)

    Vol V 1978
    Rock Your Love (1/28/78 Ramport Studios) ... cover says Rocklila
    A Night in the Life of an Old Blues Singer (1/21/78 Ramport Studios -- Long Version)
    Ode to a Black Man (2/1/78 Goodearth Studios)
    Spanish Guitar (DEMO version 2/1/78 Goodearth Studios)
    Cold Black Night (1/22/78 Ramport Studios)
    Parisienne Walkways (Demo Version 2/1/78 Goodearth Studios)
    Are You Ready (Studio Version 2/1/78 Goodearth Studios)
    Black Mail (2/1/78 Goodearth Studios)
    Waiting for an Alibi (2/1/78 Goodearth Studios)
    Fanatical Fascists (2/1/78 Goodearth Studios)
    Leaving Town (date unknown)
    [The following tracks appear but are UNLISTED]
    Mama & Papa
    It's Really Worthwhile
    The Friendly Ranger

    Vol VI Nightlife
    Ghetto Woman (recorded for RTE Ireland: Ken's Club Jan 8th, 1974)
    --message (Thin Lizzy's first session: Ken's Club, Jan 6th, 1973 w/Eric Bell)
    With Love** (demo version/different lyrics!!)
    Parisienne Walkways** (demo w/Huey Lewis: harmonica)
    Black Rose** (demo w/Huey Lewis: harmonica)
    Got To Give It Up** (different lyrics!!)
    Toughest Street In Town** (different lyrics)
    Don't Believe A Word** (demo version)
    Bad Habits*** (different guitar solo)
    Baby Please Don't Go*** (different lyrics)
    Mama Don't Like It*** (Someday She Is Gonna Hit Back ... instrumental)
    Chosen One*** (Holy War/different lyrics)

    Hey You ( 1980 Cork Soundcheck )
    Waiting For An Alibi ( 1980 Cork Soundcheck )
    Chinatown ( 1980 Cork Soundcheck )
    Didn't I ( 1980 Cork Soundcheck )
    Are You Ready ( 1980 Cork Live )
    Chinatown ( 1980 Cork Live )
    Rosalie (Rose Of Tralee) ( 1980 Cork Live )
    Waiting For An Alibi ( 1980 Cork Live )
    Jailbreak ( 1980 Cork Live )
    Don't Play Around (5/29/80 Hammersmith Soundcheck )
    We Will Be Strong (5/29/80 Hammersmith Soundcheck )
    Sweetheart (5/30/80 Hammersmith Soundcheck )
    Hey You (5/29/80 Hammersmith Live )

    Vol VIII Odds And Ends
    Tracks 1-5: Trend Studio's circa 1967-69 (also found on MHM Vol. 5)
    Mama & Papa
    It's Really Worthwhile
    The Friendly Ranger
    Track 6: Funky Junction
    Track 7: From Jeff Wayne's WAR OF THE WORLDS
    The Spirit of Man
    Track 8: Promo Version - different from Official
    Tracks 9-10: Recorded in Dublin 1980. Released as B-sides
    Dear Miss Lonely Hearts
    Got To Give It Up
    Tracks 11-13: November 1985 with Huey Lewis and the News.
    Can't Get Away
    Still Alive
    One Wish
    Tracks 14-15: Recorded live 1983 for an unissued 12 inch release
    Dancing In The Moonlight
    Whiskey In The Jar
    Track 16: B-side of the Rockers single (Philip and Roy Wood on lead vocals)
    Rocking On The Stage

    Special Note
    Originally a 7 disk series, Volume 8 is rumoured to be a continuation
    of the series by an unrelated/unauthorized source.

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